Protecting the Environment

Toni Atkins worked to expand clean and green technology job opportunities, and is supported by the Sierra Club and CA League of Conservation Voters.

Toni recognizes that by protecting our environment, fighting climate change and improving our air and water quality we build safe, healthy communities. That’s why she delivered $17 million for the conservancy of the San Diego River and classified it as a permanent conservancy. She also created a California-Mexico Border Relations Council to improve the water and air quality of the Tijuana River Valley, served on the Ocean Protection Council, required state authorities to equitably fight climate change – ensuring disadvantaged communities are not left out, worked with military leaders and environmental advocates to identify and address the impacts of climate change on national security and secured $94.5 million to fight climate change right here in San Diego County.

We can count on Toni to continue being a leading environmental advocate in the State Senate.

October 10, 2016