Fighting for Women

From working in women’s health clinics early in her career in San Diego to being elected as Speaker of the Assembly, only the third woman ever to hold the position, Toni Atkins has a strong history and record of fighting for women and women’s health. Toni has fought to:

  • Increase women’s access to reproductive health services
  • Establish a two-year pilot program to strengthen Family Justice Centers, increasing access to services for victims of domestic violence
  • Ensure victims of sexual violence are not required to pay spousal support for their abuser
  • Prohibit the use of dangerous shackling for incarcerated pregnant women and girls
  • Allow victims of domestic violence to alter a wireless telephone contract when the abuser is the accountholder and refuses
  • Create Select Committees focused on issues impacting women and girls.
  • Fund the Commission on Status of Women & Girls and ensure an ongoing budget funding of $500,000 for the Commission
  • Invest over $280 million for a comprehensive package of child care services – benefiting over 22,000 families in San Diego County.

October 13, 2016