Building Healthy Communities

Toni Atkins is recognized as a leader in the fight for quality, affordable healthcare. She has authored and passed laws to increase access, lower prescription drug costs and improve care for all. Toni has fought to:

  • Increase women’s access to reproductive health services and maternity benefits
  • Expand healthcare to 180,000 San Diegans enrolled in exchange (Region 19). 270,000 in SD County under MediCal via ACA
  • Expand Medi-Cal for children, and eligibility of full-scope care for pregnant women living in poverty
  • Increase funding for infant care
  • Provide over $3 million for HIV education outreach, screenings, and increasing access to care for underserved individuals
  • Restore 10% rate cut for Medi-Cal Dental Provider Rates
  • Invest in and increase the income limit for AIDS Drug Assistance Program helping thousands of San Diego families
  • Appropriate $1.5 million in federal Ryan White funding to local health and community organizations to re-engage HIV-infected minority clients in care
  • Direct $6.5 million to HCV treatment costs in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program
  • Allocate $2.2 million for a PrEP Access and Affordability Pilot Program
  • Allow minors, 12 years of age or older, to consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease.

October 13, 2016